Case Study: Greencroft Garage

Case Study: Greencroft Garage


Greencroft Garage Floor Refurbishment




Meeting Customer Needs

The garage floor had already had an epoxy resin installed 4 years previously by Reprotec UK and had withstood heavy mechanical use.
Because the garage had expanded, however, a new lift was required and, once this work had been carried out, Reprotec UK were called on again to refurbish the service area.


Once the existing equipment had been removed, a clearance of surface contamination was carried out via a deep clean.
Using a vacuum assisted abrasive floor grinder, Reprotec UK prepared the existing resin topping.
Two coats of a solvent-free high build epoxy resin were applied over a 48-hour period. This provided the garage floor with a tough and durable finish and the change to a brighter colour gave the surface a cleaner look.

Customer satisfaction

The client was delighted with the work that had been carried out throughout the project, particularly as they were able to move their equipment back into the garage and resume work on schedule.
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