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Resin Floor Repairs Case Study 

CLIENT:          North East Motor Manufacturing Company

PROJECT:         Manufacturing Warehouse, Sunderland.

Nissan Bodyshop Repair Before



Open construction joints through the warehouse areas were causing major problems with vital parts being rejected due to damage after the trucks bounced over the joints some of which were as much as 50mm wide and 50mm higher than the adjacent floor.

Specialist Contractor, Reprotec UK Ltd was given the problem and asked to supply the solution.


Floor area either side of the offending joints were first diamond ground to reduce the concrete height back down to an even level.

The expansion or movement joints were sawcut prior to infilling with Reprotec Floor Doctor Rapid (a fast  cure concrete repair epoxy mortar)and once hardened the joints were re cut and then infilled using the Reprotec Joint Doctor(a flexible joint sealant) in a grey colour.floor topping and filling with an epoxy expansion sealant.

The Client was delighted with the floor repairs and the savings made in lower rejected parts.

Nissan Bodyshop Repairs After