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Project: Chemical Tank Farm Concrete Bund Protection
Sector: Automotive

Meeting Customer Needs

The customer had recently built a new chemical tank and needed to ensure that the roof concrete would not erode by weathering.


Reprotec Bundcoat in Beautiful Blue

Reprotec Bundcoat was applied to a 540m² of concrete bund over two days. With regard to its durability and fast cure, even in external conditions, the quality and finish is outstanding! When cured, Reprotec Bundcoat is extremely tough, resilient with a wear and tear factor being much greater than that of a standard solvent free application.



Reprotec’s Bundcoat cures to touch dry in less than 3 hours and is walkable after 4 hours! It’s a premium product for premium performance, providing durability, resistance to chemicals and speed of cure.
The specification shown in the photographs included an anti-slip additive in the final coat to create a slight texture once the silos were installed.