Project: Rowing Club Steps

Sector: Sport & Leisure


 Meeting Customer Needs
The steps of a Rowing Club were crumbling and required their Health & Safety demarcations to be reapplied. Constant use, along with the ingress of water when the steps were submerged, especially during winter.
RM Suppliers applied Reprotec Floor Doctor and Joint Doctor, to repair the steps and joints, respectively. Stoneseal was then used to reinforce the strength and to prevent further water damage. To reaffirm the safety demarcations, Reprotec Line Paint was used.
Stoneseal dries thoroughly within 2 hours at 20°C and the existing paving stones could be restored and are now low maintenance, saving the Rowing Club time and money.
Environmentally, minimal waste was produced during the project and all the waste was recycled. This project was also completed without any fumes and with no mess created.
Customer satisfaction
The Customer was delighted with the service provided and will be contacting RM Suppliers or assistance in the future. They have also stated how they also plan to recommend RM Suppliers to other Sports & Leisure clubs.

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