Project: Yarm School External Paving Sealing
Sector: Education


Meeting Customer Needs

Yarm School’s outdoor paving area is used extensively. After years of regular foot traffic and pressure washing, the space required something that was tough and long-lasting.



RM Suppliers applied Stoneseal to create a fully sealed surface that was easy to clean and maintain. The non-toxic paver sealer was able to dry quickly and provide the surface with a resistance to water, chewing gum and weathering.




Stoneseal dries thoroughly within 2 hours at 20°C and the existing paving stones could be restored and are now low maintenance, saving the school time and money.


Alan Hodgson, Estates Manager at Yarm School:

“The results are amazing; Stoneseal has been a tremendous success, and we will continue to use RM Suppliers' Stoneseal, not only for our new paving but to help restore older slabs.

The support and services provided by RM Suppliers has been exceptional. I fully recommend both RM Suppliers and the products supplied. I am now looking at other RM Suppliers’ products such as hygiene and anti-slip coatings.”

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