When looking to spruce up your patio area, paving stones and driveways, it can be tough to find a product that keeps your stone surfaces clean, is easy to apply and is as long-lasting as the Stoneseal Tile & Stone Sealant.

What can I use the Sealant for?
Whether your surface is for commercial use, such as a cafe forecourt, a staff/customer smoking area or a beer garden; or domestic, such as a driveway, patio or garden paths, the Sealant can be applied quickly and the surfaces can be accessed in as little as 24 hours.


How do I apply the Sealant?
The first step is to remove all surface contamination.


By thoroughly sweeping and scraping away any existing dust or weeds, you are ensuring the surface is given its best chance to be maintained and to keep its new look.
The Sealant can be applied on vertical surfaces too, so make sure there is no dust in between the brickwork before applying the product to your walls.
Secondly, apply the Sealant with a brush or roller, ensuring that all parts of the desired surface are covered as evenly as possible.

How long will it take the Sealant to dry?
Once the Sealant has been applied, it is best to leave your surface for anywhere between 2 and 24 hours. A second coating may be needed for surfaces that may be subject to a lot of weathering and foot traffic.

What are the other benefits of this Sealant?
As well as the easy to apply and quick drying of the Sealant, we are proud that it can be applied without any discolouration to the original stone, making your patio or paving stones look as good as new.
We are immensely proud of the way the Sealant not only allows your surface to look clean, but it also helps it to stay clean, repelling stains (such as cola, coffee and motor oil), algae and makes it easier to remove chewing gum, should it be stepped into the surface.
Incredibly flexible, the Sealant can be applied to concrete, terracotta, marble and stone and non-toxic qualities, it is incredibly resistant to water.
So, if you’re considering giving your home’s exterior a fresh look or your business outdoor area longs to be summer ready, the Stoneseal Tile & Stone Sealant will be the best option for your project’s needs.

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