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Our bonding repair materials are economical solutions that repair products for both floors and walls. They protect, bond and fill various surfaces with ease, with long-lasting effects.

These products are all easy to mix and/or apply, with fast curing mean the job not only gets done right, it is done efficiently.

All of Reprotec’s bonding repair materials have excellent adhesion; whether that be tailored specifically to concrete and steel (as with Tackprime) or to substrate (in the case of Step Doctor).

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The repair materials are impermeable and waterproof, meaning they are suitable for use virtually anywhere although if you’re looking for a product that is designed for use on a specific material, make sure you check out the product pages. Many of the products can also be cured under damp and cool conditions, an application that isn’t restricted means the job can be carried out swiftly.

Our products are also impact and abrasion resistant, ensuring a quality that lasts, and that doesn’t deteriorate.

From primers to the repair mortars, our bonding repair materials category is bursting with solutions that are easy to access, apply and that won’t break the bank.

We stock Epoxybond adhesive and a pourable flexible Epoxy sealant. The latter is our product ‘Joint Doctor’ which is used to seal floor joints in food factories and warehouses where heavy vehicular trafficking occurs. It works to protect arris edges from heavy wheel loading. Joint Doctor also possesses sufficient flexibility to accommodate a degree of movement.

Epoxybond is a super strong epoxy adhesive that works to bond building materials to one another; from concrete, to brick, metal, stone and wood.Epoxybond is used primarily as grout for fixing bolts handrails, railings and posts to holding machinery fixings and soleplates in place. It also requires no primer, meaning it can go applied right away in both vertical and overhead locations.

Our Step Doctor solution is used with a separate primer and is used to make repairs to both step risers and treaders, providing strong durable, weatherproof repair for concrete steps.

Renderlite is a bonding repair material we stock that offers durable weatherproof repair for concrete, brickwork, stonework and steel substrates. It is essentially a tough, lightweight Epoxy resin mortar for repairing spalled or damaged concrete or stone window sills, lintels and columns, undersides of bridges and walkways.

Tackprime is our primer that provides a protective treatment and re-enforcement during concrete repair. Kerbfix is our super strength Epoxy bedding mortar, that is used to bed tiles, fix brick slips to concrete, bolt fixing walls and also to carry out thin section concrete repairs.

Floor Doctor is our tough Epoxy resin mortar for repairing damaged, cracked or dangerous concrete floors which forms durable, abrasive and chemical resistant repair.

Floor Doctor Rapid is much like its namesake, but as you’ve probably guessed a lot speedier. It actually hardens sufficiently after just 5-6 hours when the temperature sits between 15 and 20 degrees centigrade.

Our final bonding repair material is Deepfill, a deep section protective screed for floor areas that are subject to heavy impact, abrasion and chemical spillage.This product is also fast curing, economical and durable.