RMS stocks a wide variety of grip paints and anti-slip products which all give surfaces maximum grip at a super affordable price.

Covering everything from industrial floors to metal decking and wooden flooring; our vast selection of grip paints and anti-slip paint offers a solution to any request.

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If anti-slip is something you require specifically for stairs or landings, our Stepgrip and Stepgrip Rapid products are perfect. They both offer an anti-slip finish for concrete and steel steps in a choice of 2 high vis visibility colours; yellow and bright white. Both products are solvent-free, low odour and durable with easy application, but of course the rapid version cures much quicker.

Griptuf is our medium profile anti slip protective coating for concrete floors, wooden boards and metal decking. Much like Stepgrip, this product is solvent-free low odour and easily applied, Griptuf also has a notably good chemical resistance.

Griplite is instead a slip resistant solvent free Epoxy finish, which only requires a single coat with incredibly easy application. This product is suitable for both interior and exterior use; from concrete floors and metal decking to plant rooms and wooden boards.

By contrast to Griptuf’s medium profile, Maxigrip is our (you’ve guessed it!) maximum strength anti-slip solution. It is essentially a solvent free high build modified Epoxy resin finish which again requires only a single coat by trowel. It is typically used in anti-skid areas such as fork truck entrances, external stair landings, concrete ramps, bridge decking and walkways.

If a matt sealer is what you’re after, Deckgrip is RMS’s water based matt sealer that upgrades the surface’s chemical and abrasion resistance. It can be used as ant-slip finish for wood decking as not only does it build up resistance to abrasion, it is also UV stable and as a bonus unbelievably easy to apply!

Finally, in our grip paint and anti-slip coatings product category, is Flexigrip and Flexigrip Plus. These are specially formulated flexible solvent-free resin coating that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use specifically for concrete floors, wet room floors, walkways and boats or yachts. Again this product is solvent-free and low odour with a good chemical resistance.