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Reprotec stock maintenance products for your regular repair needs, as well as a vast collection of accessories for all kinds of work including painting, coating and mixing.

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In terms of maintenance, we stock a hugely popular tyre mark remover. Ideal for both commercial and domestic use from garage floors to car showrooms; the remover works by its active agents breaking through the surface tension of the floor and penetrates the core of the dirt. This breaks the bond that holds the tyre mark to the surface. It does all this whilst being eco friendly and very safe to use. Our tyre mark remover is available to buy in either 4l or 20 litre amounts.

We also stock a multi-purpose cleaner which tackles hard surfaces such as Reprotec flooring and concrete, stainless steel, wood, ceramic, rubber, plastic vinyl and safety floor. This cleaner is non-toxic and non-hazardous and is also safe to use in food preparation areas. Active agents in this advanced cleaner infiltrate the dirt and breaks down the bonds holding it to the surface, thus removing at and leaving the area squeaky clean. After applying the multi-purpose cleaner make sure to rinse or use suction on the area to resist the build-up of fresh dirt.

Reprotec also stock a large variety of accessories, including an accessory pack you can pick up for £49.98.

The mid quality nylon roller is recommended for use specifically with primer coats and your first coat.

Hot on the topic of rollers we have a handful of products in stock; from a roller scuttle, to a double arm roller, line paint roller handle, jumbo line paint roller refills and a top-quality micro fibre roller.

Along with rollers, we also have safety gloves and glasses for proper protection while carrying out any jobs, namely when applying the chemical coatings and primers.

For applying the paints and coatings, we have a 6 pack of budget paint brushes which are designed for single use for tack prime or for cutting in with Epoxy resin.

For applying our other products, we have both a Tyzac floor trowel, with a specially designed carbon steel blade and coated with a clear lacquer for rust resistance, as well as a standard placing trowel for just £9.58.

Toolclean is a product we sell that is used to clean equipment, as well as to remove uncured resin as well as graffiti.To find out the product specification and description of any of our maintenance and accessory products, make sure to click through to their product page.