Step Doctor Concrete Step Repair

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Quick and Easy Concrete Step Repair

Step Doctor has been designed to heal your damaged steps. It is a solvent free epoxy resin mortar that has superb adhesion qualities to concrete step treads and risers. Once cured, it creates an impermeable and waterproof finish that is tough and hard wearing.

A 5kg pack of Step Doctor makes approx 4.25 litres of mortar, sufficient for 0.42m2 at 10mm thick.

Perfect for a Step Makeover

If you want to revamp your steps, Step Doctor is the perfect starting point. It will fill cracks and holes to help with step levelling. You can then apply a primer such as Tackprime before painting the steps to match your chosen colour scheme, you can even add anti-slip properties with paints like Stepgrip.

Great for Front Doorsteps, Garden Steps and Commercial Buildings

Whilst Step Doctor has been developed for commercial situations it can also be used to tackle larger domestic jobs including garden steps and access areas. A 5kg pack will make around 4.25 litres of mortar.

Three Pack Epoxy Resin Filler

This specialist epoxy resin concrete filler is provided in three pre-weighed packs of material to make it even easier to mix on site. The pot life is up to 50 mins so you have plenty of time to work on your repairs.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about how our range of concrete repair materials can help you achieve the perfect finish, contact our advice line and talk to a specialist.