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Reprotec’s expansive range of surface primers and sealers are suitable for use on all types of hard flooring and offer an affordable solution that is long-lasting and quick and easy to apply.

Our primers and sealers are all high-performing and durable from those designed specifically for steel to dust proofer primers.

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Our Steelcoat Primer is anti-corrosive, and act as a holding prime for grit blasted steel surfaces.

Mattop is a chemical and abrasion resistant matt sealer for resin floors such as newly coated Reprotec systems. This matt sealer is UV stable, durable and can even be used as a top coat for existing coating systems.

Paverseal is one of our surface sealers that also doubles as a dust proofer. It’s a solvent-borne clear acrylic resin-based curing compound that can be applied to both new concrete as a sealer, and old concrete to create a sealed dust-proof surface that is resistant to the ingress of oil, petrol and chemical spillages.

For a clear sealer that provides a superbly glossy tack-free surface (that is unaffected by UV light and levels of high humidity!) look no further than our best-selling Supaseal. Supaseal can transform concrete, natural stonework, tile marble and more!

Florprime and Florprime Rapid are both water dispersible epoxy-based primer coatings, with the difference being that the latter works faster (it’s able to overcoat after a mere 4 hours) for a slightly higher cost than the standard Florprime. They can be used as a primer for all Reprotec coatings as long as that the concrete substrate is porous, and the products are commonly used in food factories, abattoirs, dairies, laboratories and subways.

Reprotec’s Stoneseal is our highly coveted sealer with high specification polymers suitable for sealing natural stone, concrete, marble, terracotta paving stones and patio areas.

Chemprime is our primer designed for use with Acidcheck and Bundcoat (Reprotec Paints & Coatings). As well as being solvent-free, Chemprime has truly outstanding chemical resistance and a very rapid cure even at low temperatures.

Operating as a residual construction moisture suppressant, Dampstop is an Epoxy resin-based primer which can be used in a number of ways. From a damp tolerant primer for concrete and resin screeds to being used for total immersion internals of water tanks, Dampstop is a versatile product. If you want full details of this resin primer, check out its product page which has a full specification.

The Reprotec Florbinder works to penetrate cementitious substrates in order to reinforce and indeed stabilise them. This product is highly desirable not only because of its uses but also because of its characteristics; it is taint free with zero V.O.C and fast drying. It is also used for internal and external slab applications, and as a concrete curing compound for green concrete.