16 Inch Tyzac Floor Trowel

16" Tyzac Floor Trowel [Reprotec]


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The Tyzack 16" Flooring Trowel with wooden handle features a blade made from hardened and spring tempered carbon steel to provide the optimum balance between rigidity and flexibility. A clear lacquer coating has been applied to the blade to provide resistance to rust. The trowel has a straight mahogany handle, which provides a smooth and comfortable grip.

To maintain a consistent shape and allow for even application the trowel blade has been tension-rolled. The blade is also cross-ground to allow for easy material flow and reduced drag, as well as dished to prevent the corners digging in. A strong but lightweight die-cast aluminium tang is securely fixed to the blade with stainless steel rivets to provide added strength and a longer life. The tang has been designed with a special shape that eliminates handle twist.