Reprotec Dampstop
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Reprotec Dampstop

Dampstop Moisture Preventing Epoxy Resin for Commercial Flooring [Reprotec]


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Prevent Your Flooring from Moisture
New concrete takes a while to dry out before the application of a resin finish, and this is usually recommended to be at least 28 days. Dampstop from RM Suppliers can reduce that time to just 8 days, ensuring that your project finishes not only more quickly but also smoothly. This primer/coating has been expertly developed as a residual construction moisture suppressant, allowing your moisture-sensitive interior or exterior flooring in fast-track building programmes to be installed quickly and efficiently.

Flexible and Versatile
Speed up your building project in new concrete while also providing damp-proof barrier in old concrete slabs. Dampstop is also recommended for areas of concrete that are difficult to dry out completely. Its tolerance to damp makes it an ideal primer for all of the vast flooring range from RM Suppliers and if 2 coats are applied, it can be left as a finished coating. 1 or 2 coats may be applied, depending on the degree of dampness present in the sub-floor. Dampstop is also suitable for priming damp, minimally prepared substrates.

Plenty of Colours to Choose from
Dampstop is available in grey, red, and clear to allow you perfect control of uniform coverage. We recommend that you use different colours for each coat to aid correct thickness overall, as it makes it much easier to see where you have already applied the coating.