Maxigrip Heavy Duty Anti Slip Paint

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The Ultimate Anti Slip & Anti Skid Paint for Concrete Floors

When you need to provide maximum grip, Maxigrip is the paint you need. It is supplied as a two pack epoxy coating solution consisting of 5kg paint with 15kg of aggregate. To create this heavy duty anti slip solution the aggregate is near diamond hard Aluminium Oxide.

Industrial Strength Solution for Heavy Traffic Areas & Inclines

Available in black, Maxigrip is the perfect anti slip external floor paint for any area vehicular traffic needs to go. It is ideal for warehouse entrances where trucks will be loaded and unloaded, or for covered car parks etc. It’s also the perfect solution for concrete ramps and inclines in warehouses and storage areas where forklifts are in use.

Easy to Apply

To apply Maxigrip use a trowel or roller to cover an area of 5 square metres with the epoxy resin floor paint. You should then apply the aggregate at a rate of 3kg per square metre over the top of the uncured ‘wet’ resin. Once dry simply sweep off any excess aggregate. Maxigrip can be used on both interior and exterior floors.

The Right Anti Slip Paint for Your Project

Whatever your project, you can find the right solution with RM Suppliers. Griplite is ideal for pedestrian areas where as Griptuf has been designed for light vehicular traffic and is great for locations where forklift trucks will be loading and unloading products. For heavy traffic areas such as truck entrances, or places where you need the ultimate grip such as concrete ramps and inclines, Maxigrip is the perfect option.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about how our range of anti slip grip paints can help you achieve the perfect finish, contact our advice line and talk to a specialist.

Where to use

As a Total anti slip solution for areas that need the maximum anti slip or anti-skid finish. Areas like fork truck entrances, external stair landings, concrete ramps, bridge decking’s, metal decking, Durbar® plate and walkways



20KG   | 5M2

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