Epoxy Mixing Paddle

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Mixing Paddle for Paint & Resins

Ensuring your epoxy resins are properly mixed before application is essential for a good quality finish. Unless you are a superhero, a mixing paddle attached to a drill will make this job a lot easier. This paddle from RM Suppliers measures 43cm x 8cm and has a hexagonal shaft, making it compatible with drills that have a chuck.

The twin propeller design reduces splashing and the parallel mix action helps to efficiently blend and spread the materials being mixed.

To keep control over your mixing only use this paddle with a drill on a slow or medium speed, less than 1,000 rpm. Make sure you clean your paddle thoroughly after use, Toolclean is excellent for this job, then allow to dry completely before storing.

What Can You Mix With This Paddle?

This paddle can be used with a variety of 2 pack and 3 pack epoxy resins and coatings. You can also use it with other building materials such as mortar, plaster, adhesives and screed.