115mm Mortar Raking Segmented Grinder Diamond Blade | 2 Pack

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  • 7mm height x 6mm wide segment diamond blade
  • Easy removal of mortar from joints without damaging brick, block or masonry
  • Max 13,200rpm
  • Compatible with 22.23mm bore angle grinders


Blade Diameter 115mm
Finish Painted
Hardened Yes
Plate Thickness 3.5mm
Product Weight 0.306kg
Teeth / Segment Size 5.0 x 7.30x 38.00mm
Abrasive Connection Diamond impregnated segment
Material - Secondary Construction Diamond impregnated segment
Method of Construction Sintered
Blade Size 115mm
Teeth / Segment Form Rectangular cross section
Blade Width 6.9mm
Material - Abrasive Diamond dust alloy