Reprotec Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Multi-Purpose Cleaner [Reprotec]


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Reprotec Multi-Surface Cleaner is an advanced hard surface cleaner, suitable for cleaning Reprotec flooring systems as well as other hard surfaces including concrete, stainless steel, wood, ceramic, rubber, plastic, vinyl and safety floors.

Reprotec Multi-Surface Cleaner is non-toxic and non-hazardous, it is taint-free and has zero VOC’c. The material is safe to use in food preparation areas.

Reprotec Multi-Surface Cleaner works at the surface/contaminant interface. When dirt adheres to a surface, the surface tension created can resist the efforts of standard cleaning agents to remove it. Active agents break through the surface tension and penetrate to the core of dirt to break the bonds holding the dirt to the surface. The released dirt can then be easily removed by flushing, rinsing or suction leaving surfaces so clean they resist the build- up of fresh dirt. Because more dirt is removed, super-clean surfaces are achieved without the use of biocides.

Typical dilution rates

5 parts Water : 1 part Reprotec Multi-Surface Cleaner

Heavy soiling and deep cleaning, compacted dirt, grease, oil, rubber, paint and rust.

10 parts Water : 1 part Reprotec Multi-Surface Cleaner

General maintenance cleaning and daily cleaning.

20 parts Water : 1 part Reprotec Multi-Surface Cleaner

Light cleaning and hard floor cleaning.

50 parts Water : 1 part Reprotec Multi-Surface Cleaner

Glass, mirrors and finished paintwork.


  1. For best results, use above 3C.
  2. Remove as much excess dirt as possible.
  3. Spray the diluted product onto the surface
  4. Leave for 1 minute for general cleaning and up to 20 minutes for heavy soiling.
  5. Agitate with brush, cloth or scraper, as necessary.
  6. Wipe clean, or rinse with clean water.

Can be used with floor scrubbing machines and mopping systems.


Reprotec Multi-Surface Cleaner is supplied in 4.5 litre packs.

Caution: Do not let the concentrated material sit on painted or finished surfaces. Keep out of reach of children.