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Reprotec Renderlite

Renderlite [Reprotec]


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Reprotec Renderlite is a solvent free Epoxy resin renovation system with specially graded lightweight fillers.

The mixed mortar has excellent application characteristics, allowing overhead and vertical repairs to be easily accomplished.

Reprotec Renderlite is used in conjunction with a separate primer Reprotec Tackprime. 

(1 x 2Kg Pack Tackprime will cover between 7  sq, metres and 14 sq, metres)

Reprotec Renderlite is supplied as a three pack material, pre-weighed to allow easy on-site mixing and use.

** Top Tip - Always mix the resins together first -- never, never try to mix all 3 components in one mix **

Reprotec Renderlite provides a strong durable, weatherproof repair for concrete, brickwork, stonework and steel substrates.