Toolclean Epoxy Resin Accessory Cleaner

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For Equipment Cleaning, Uncured Resin Removal and Paint and Graffiti Removal

The Best Tool Cleaner

Toolclean has been designed to remove uncured epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins from tools and equipment, and in our opinion it’s the best you can find. Unlike other cleaning solutions, Toolclean has a low evaporation rate, mild odour and low toxicity, making it extremely user friendly as well as efficient and economical.

More Environmentally Friendly

Traditional cleaning materials can contain some harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to the wellbeing of the environment when it comes to disposal. Toolclean is much ‘greener’, it’s a largely  biodegradable and photochemically non-reactive solution making it easier to dispose of after use.

An Ideal Graffiti Remover

On suitably treated walls, Toolclean can be used as a graffiti remover. This is a much easier, and more economical solution that having to repaint affected walls.


Appearance: clear, colourless liquid
Odour: mild, sweet
Flash Point: 31°C
Vapour Pressure: 10mm Hg @ 20°C
Specific Gravity: 0.921 @ 20°C
Solubility in water: Soluble


Reprotec Toolclean is supplied in 5ltr packs

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in dry conditions, out of direct sunlight, at temperatures between 10°C and 25°C. Toolclean has a minimum shelf life of 12 months when stored in original, unopened containers in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Typical Uses

  • Equipment cleaning.
  • Uncured resin removal.
  • Paint and Graffiti removal.


  • Low Hazard
  • Low evaporation rate
  • Excellent solvency powers
  • 80% Biodegradable