Rubber Tyre Mark Remover

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For Concrete, Stainless Steel, Wood, Ceramic, Rubber, Plastic, & Vinyl 

Remove Unsightly Tyre Marks

When you have vehicles with rubber tyres travelling over any surface there will be an amount of transfer of dirt and rubber to your painted surface. RTR ‘skid mark’ remover from RM Suppliers is a specially designed cleaner for removing these marks and returning your surface to a ‘looks like new’ finish. You can use this Rubber Tyre Mark Remover on a range of hard surfaces including epoxy resin, concrete, stainless steel. Wood. ceramic, plastic and vinyl.

Perfect for Car Parks & Garages

If you need to clean ramps, access routes and parking or maintenance bays where cars, trucks and even lorries are regularly accessing these areas, RTR is the easy way to ensure your floors are not only clean, but that all safety signs painted on that floor can be seen. You can purchase this cleaner in packs of 4 x 5 litres, or smaller packs of 4 x 1 litres and it is supplied in

Safe For Use In Food Prep Areas

RTR is non-toxic and taint-free with zero VOC’c. This means it is safe to use in food preparation areas, ideal for cleaning up tracks left by forklift trucks or trolleys.

How To Use RTR

Start by removing as much excess loose surface dirt as possible then spray the diluted product onto the surface. Let it work on the surface for at least a minute, and allow up to 20 minutes for heavy soiling. Agitate with a stiff bristled brush the rinse the surface to lift off the rubber particles. RTR can be used for cleaning by hand or in conjunction with floor scrubbing machines and mopping systems.

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