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All of RMS’s chemical resistant coatings help damp problems and build up resistance against chemicals.

We stock two high build chemical resistant Epoxy resin coatings and a primer, all of which cure very rapidly, even at low temperatures. This allows for your surface to become chemically resistant very quickly, providing an efficient and affordable solution.

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Bundcoat is the first of our chemical resistant coatings which is specially designed for bund and wall areas and offers excellent durability and adhesion to concrete and steel. It is solvent-free and gives surfaces a glossy finish that is both hygienic and easily cleaned.

Acidcheck is a coating designed predominantly for usage I battery charging areas, chemical and printing works, oil refineries, pharmaceutical production and water treatment works. Essentially it can be used both interior and exterior, offering outstanding chemical resistance and again fantastic adhesion to concrete and steel.

Reprotec’s Chemprime is a primer designed for use on porous surfaces, before you apply either your Bundcoat or Acidcheck. Chemprime is solvent-free, very adhesive to concrete and steel, with outstanding chemical resistance. It is also hygienic and super easily cleaned with the ability to be overcoated the same day that you first applied the product (in next 24 hours).

These chemical resistant coatings all provide a solution to your queries with long-lasting high quality results, check out the individual product pages for the full specifications.