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Collection: Recoil Knee Pads

Founded in 2013, Recoil Kneepads are a game changing pair of kneepads for the professional trades and construction industry. Often described as like ‘kneeling on a cloud’, this kneepad was designed by the daughter of a Carpenter, Gordon Hamilton, who was suffering from arthritis. Gordon had complained of severe pain and discomfort in his knees and had been unable to find suitable kneepads on the market. His daughter, a product designer, was inspired to develop a solution to aid her Dad at work and allow him to continue in the occupation he loves and has known all his life.
Recoil are a premium brand with a unique knee pad offering. Their product has been carefully engineered by a professional team of product and biomechanical engineers to develop a solution which is Engineered to Protect. They take great pride in every product they sell; each product is packaged and shipped by hand, from one of their team in Glasgow.