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We stock a vast range of paints and coatings on site; from road marking paint to concrete paint for everything from garage floors to warehouses. They all have different characteristics but ultimately serve to be both protective and aesthetically pleasing.

All of Reprotec’s concrete paints and coatings treat and strengthen concrete floors and walls, providing a tough, wear resistant base.

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Our line paint provides a durable lining and coating material for concrete and other substrates. It comes in a range of colours and is low odour as well as low emissions. It’s mainly used for industrial and commercial floors to demarcate parking bays, walkways and aisles. Our rapid line paint does a very similar job except it is exceptionally fast curing.

We also stock Wonderwall coating, which has a microporous structure that acts as a barrier to the ingress of Chlorides and Carbon Dioxide and other acid gases but allows the passage of water vapour from the substrate.

Flexiflor is our Flexible solvent-free resin coating that is modified to impart flexibility with toughness, resilience and waterproofing properties to the cured film.
Tufflor paint is a solvent-free tough, wear resistant and waterproof floor coating available in a wide range of colours. It is suitable for a wide range of places from manufacturing areas, showrooms and food preparation areas to trafficked warehouses, factory and brewery floors.
Tufflor Rapid
Tufflor Cold Cure

Reprotec Bundcoat is a high build chemical resistant epoxy resin coating specially designed for Bund and wall areas which offers excellent durability and chemical resistance as well as a superb glossy, hygienic and easily cleaned surface. Acid check is another one of our high build chemical resistant Epoxy resin coating systems, and also similarly to Bundcoat, it provides a slick and hygienic surface.

In our Paints & Coatings product category, we also stock Epoxy resin-based primer/coatings. It is used primarily as a surface damp proof membrane, and as a moisture suppressant on concrete and sand/cement screeds.

Reprotec Chemprime is designed as a primer for Reprotec Acidcheck and Reprotec Bundcoat.
Easiwall is our high-performance water dispersible epoxy coating that is used to treat concrete walls, blocks and render. Likewise, Easiflor is also a high-performance water dispersible epoxy coating, and is used primarily to treat concrete floors.

Reprotec Blockseal is an aqueous polymer formulated for usage on concrete blocks with an outstanding resilience to water!

Our full selection of concrete paints and coatings is vast, and we’re guaranteed to have just what you need. Make sure to browse the product pages to find out more of each paint/coatings specification.