Easiflor | 2 Pack Epoxy Resin Water Based Floor Paint

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Easy to Use Concrete Floor Paint

Easiflor is a water dispersible epoxy coating, but don’t let that complicated description fool you, it’s really easy to use. Supplied in two packs, you just have to mix together the two agents then apply as a floor paint for concrete with a brush or roller.

A 5kg pack of Easiflor will cover up to 20m2 per coat.

User and Environmentally Friendly

As well as being simple to use, the paint itself is low odour and contains no solvents. Even the packaging is recyclable. The finished painted surface is also extremely easy to clean making it extremely hygienic.

No Primer Required

If your floor is in good condition you may be able to use a single coat of Easiflor, however, we recommend using two coats and thinning the first with 5% of clean water before application. If your floor is a little worse for wear, fill any pre-existing holes with Floor Doctor or Deepfill. Easiflor can be applied to dry or damp surfaces.

Tough Anti-Wear and Chemical Resistant Finish

Painting a floor with Easiflor means it is both decorative, (there’s over 10 colours to choose from), and practical. It is abrasion resistant and suitable for application in areas where chemicals are going to be used. In particular it offers excellent resistance to diesel, anti-freeze, hydraulic oils and de-icing salts making it a great choice for both domestic and industrial garages and workshops.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about how our range of floor paints can help you achieve the perfect finish, contact our advice line and talk to a specialist.

Where to use

As a floor coating in food factories, abattoirs, dairies, laboratories, warehouses etc.



5KG     | 20 - 25M

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