Dampstop Moisture Preventing Epoxy Resin for Commercial Flooring

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Prepare Even Damp Floors

Dampstop from RM Suppliers allows you to speed up your building project by enabling the laying of flooring systems on even damp concrete. Power floated concrete floors traditionally have had to completely dry out before you can overcoat them, a period that can be 28 days or more. Using Dampstop as a damp proof primer can reduce this to as little as just 8 days!

Acts as a Damp Proof Membrane

As well as allowing you to add epoxy floor paints on newly laid floors, Dampstop does what it says on the tin, and stops any residual dampness in the concrete rising up to the surface and spoiling your finish.

Easy To Apply

Supplied as a 2 pack epoxy resin based primer, mixed Dampstop can be simply poured in patches on the floor then squeegeed out, finishing off with a roller, or applied with just the roller if you prefer. It can be applied in a single or double coat system with a coverage rate of approximately 3m2 for the first coat and 4m2 on the second. Dampstop is available in red, grey or clear. If you want to apply two coats we recommend using two colours so you can more easily see which areas have been covered.

Find Out More

Want to know more about how Dampstop can help you speed up your construction projects? Contact one of our technical specialists on 0191 3897067.

Where to use

As a surface damp-proof membrane. As a moisture suppressant on concrete and sand/cement screeds. As a damp tolerant primer for concrete and resin screeds. As a surface tolerant coating.


1KG     | 3 - 4M2

2.5KG  | 8 - 10M2

5KG     | 16 - 20M2

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