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Chemical Resistant Epoxy Paint

Bundcoat has been especially been designed for use in areas where a high level of chemical resistance is required. It has outstanding resistance to aggressive acids, solvents and alcohols such as sulphuric acid, methyl ethyl ketone and methanol. This chemical resistant paint is particularly suitable for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage industries as well as in areas used for water treatment and oil refineries.

For Floors, Walls & Bunded Storage Areas

You can use this epoxy paint in areas where chemicals or toxins are going to be stored, handled and processed. As the name suggests, it is particularly suitable for bunds and bunded areas. It gives a high gloss finish that is easy to clean.

Anti-Slip Options Available

If you want to use this chemical resistant paint on floors as well as walls of storage areas we are able to provide it with a texturing agent to give the paint anti-slip properties. Please contact us for more details.

Rapid Cure Epoxy Coating

This easy to mix epoxy paint can be dry enough for light foot traffic in as little as 6 hours and will be fully chemical resistant in 5 days*. It is supplied in 5kg packs and available in 8 different colours. If you are going to apply this paint to particularly porous concrete surfaces we recommend using Chemprime as a first coat. Each 5kg pack of Bundcoat will treat up to 8.3m2 with the two coat treatment.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about how our range of chemical resistant paints can help you achieve the perfect finish, contact our advice line and talk to a specialist.

*Please see the specifications for more details.


Where to use


Battery Rooms

Chemical Plants


5KG     | 16 - 18M2

15KG   | 48 - 54M2

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