Acidcheck Epoxy Resin Chemical Resistant Floor Coating

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Epoxy Resin Coating for Your Floors
Fully protect your commercial flooring with Acidcheck, an industrial primer paint from RM Suppliers. Providing excellent durability and chemical resistance, this chemical-resistant coating system can also be made with an anti-slip finish if required. With a high-quality epoxy resin coating, you can enjoy a glossy, hygienic, and easy-to-clean surface for your commercial floor. A 5kg pack of Acidcheck is enough to cover up to 8.3m2 with a two coat treatment.

Suitable for Interior and Exterior Projects  
Acidcheck provides high-grade chemical resistance to ensure that your floors are protected, durable, and easy to clean while being able to withstand heavy loads. With excellent adhesion to steel and concrete, this epoxy resin coating works on a variety of locations such as:

  • Battery-Charging Areas
  • Chemical and Printing Works
  • Bottling and Canning Factories
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Water Treatment Works
  • Oil Refineries

First-Rate Floor Coating
Offering the finest surface technology, Acidcheck is a high-quality floor coating that provides a wealth of protective features for your industrial floor surfaces. Applying a high-grade epoxy floor coating protects the concrete underneath from moisture, grease, and cracks and ensures that not only is your workplace flooring able to withstand heavy loads, but also looks appealing too.

A single coat is possible on dense concrete, however very porous surfaces should be treated first with Chemprime. 

Get in Touch
Contact our advice line and speak to one of our experts today when you would like to learn more about Acidcheck or other products from RM Suppliers.

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