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Reprotec Tufflor
Reprotec Tufflor on Dairy Transport Garage Floor
Reprotec Tufflor
Reprotec Tufflor on Garage Floor
Reprotec Tufflor on Automotive Factory Floor
Reprotec Tufflor
Reprotec Tufflor on Dry Food Preparation Area
Reprotec Tufflor
Reprotec Tufflor



A tough, waterproof, wear resistant epoxy coating for concrete floors and other substrates in areas with high volumes of traffic, either outdoors or indoors.

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View/print the technical datasheet and safety sheet below:

Technical Datasheet Base - MSDS Data Sheet Curing Agent - MSDS Data Sheet


For Internal and External Floors

Reprotec Tufflor is ideal for protecting floors in high wear locations such as manufacturing areas, showrooms, warehouses and factory floors. Available in a range of colours it also provides decorative elements to concrete and other substrates for both internal and external floors.

Solvent Free Epoxy Coating

This solvent free epoxy coating is provided as two packs consisting of the base agent and the curing agent. These are mixed together to create the floor paint which then provides a chemical and abrasion resistant finish.