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Reprotec Griplite
Reprotec Griplite After
Reprotec Griplite Before
Reprotec Griplite
Reprotec Griplite



Light anti slip finish, designed for light traffic, pedestrian and mechanical, combined with relative ease of cleaning.

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Reprotec Griplite is supplied in a 5kg of resin unit plus 250 grammes of additional Texturing anti slip agent

Reprotec Griplite is a tough two pack Solvent Free anti slip epoxy resin finish which can be applied in a single coat operation, this reduces the curing period of the system prior to foot traffic.  Apart from the excellent anti slip characteristics, the coating system has good abrasion and chemical resistant properties.  

Whilst it is designed for Industrial use, its ease of application makes it also ideal for domestic environments such as Garages: Resistant to petrol, diesel, hydraulic oil, anti freeze, brake fluid , de-icing salts.