RMS (Repair and Maintenance Suppliers) has been developed from the renowned Reprotec brand, a company with over 30 years of experience in the Resin and Polymer industry. By being strategically formed from Reprotec Material Sales Ltd, it allows RMS to take advantage of decades of experience, but also expand its existing product range to become an independent supplier to industry, commerce, trade and the wider public.

The focus of RMS is to provide specialist products for the repair, protection and maintenance of concrete and steel structures. Although new products are always being refined and developed, the core range has been tried and field tested for many years across a range of industries.

The products are extremely high performance but crucially easy to apply, which makes them ideal for Facilities Managers, Procurement Departments, Site Engineers, Project Managers, and the end user themselves. The greatest seal of approval RMS can give their products is the fact the they use them themselves within their contracting services, and they stand by each product in the range.

Operating from a base in County Durham, RMS have specialist knowledge in resin flooring; however, their expertise includes anti-slip finishesconcrete and masonry repair and protectionliquid applied damp proof membranes, along with protective coating systems, which include chemical, hygiene and corrosion protection - all of which are readily available – catering for every industry requirement.

Our dedicated Customer Service team mirror our commitment to excellence and quality, and our industry experience and expertise have given us a reputation for quality which stands is second to none!