Stone Bonding Resin for the Perfect Resin Bonded Driveway

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Unrivalled Stone Bonding Resin

With high-quality stone bonding resin from RM Suppliers, you can enjoy the seamless and textured finish of resin-bonded driveway or path without the inconvenience of loose gravel.

Use in conjunction with our Aggregate Packs.

Tough yet Aesthetically Pleasing

Stone Bonding Resin is a 2-pack flexible binder suitable for bonding loose decorative aggregates to concrete, tarmac, and asphalt. By using a resin like this, you can achieve a finish that looks and feels like loose gravel without the difficulties of stones going everywhere and deep holes. It is also UV tolerant so the effect of natural light is reduced and your driveway or path won’t turn yellow in a few weeks’ time.

Why Should I Choose Stone Bonding Resin?

Along with being durable and hard-wearing, this high-grade product from RM Suppliers:


  • Is Flexible & Cures Rapidly
  • Boasts Excellent Abrasion, Impact, & Chemical Resistance
  • Has Either Permeable or Non-Permeable Options
  • Features a Very Low Odour during Application
  • Is Easy to Clean yet Slip Resistant
  • Has a Large Choice of Colours & Decorative Effects

Coverage: A 5kg pack is sufficient for an area of 2.5-4m² at 1mm resin thickness.

Important Information

A proficient drainage system is required so the stones have less chance of becoming loose and pulling from the surface, causing bald patches.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about our high-grade stone bonding resin, contact us today to speak to a specialist.