Renderlite Weatherproof Repair Mortar

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Specialist Repair Epoxy Mortar

Renderlite has been especially designed to make repairs to overhead and vertical surfaces as easy as those to floors. Created with lightweight fillers, this repair epoxy can be used to fill cracks and damage to concrete, brickwork and stonework up to 50mm deep. It is the ideal product to repair concrete walls. It may be lightweight, but it’s still tough enough to use on both internal and external projects.

A 5kg pack of Renderlite will make approximately 4.25 litres of mortar which will cover up to 0.42m2 at 10mm thick.

Use With Tackprime for the Perfect Finish

Preparation is key when if comes to concrete repair so make sure the area you are working on is clean and dust free. Smooth surfaces should be slightly abraded to create better adhesion. Use Tackprime then fill the crack with Renderlite whilst it is still tacky, using a wood float followed by a steel float. If necessary, allow to dry overnight then apply additional layers to complete the repair.

Find Out More

Want to check Renderlite is right for your project, or just want to know more about our range of concrete repair kits? Contact our advice line on 0191 389 7067 and talk to a specialist.