Epoxy Resin Paint Accessory Pack

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The Perfect Epoxy Paint Accessories Kit

Everything You Need

If you are starting a painting project using epoxy resin, paints, primers and sealants you’ll need to correct tools for the job. This kit includes everything you’ll need to mix and apply your paint, whether that’s to a wall, floor, decking, stairs or paving.

To aid safety there’s a pack of gloves and some safety goggles. The mixing paddle will help you combine your epoxy paints and the roller scuttle is ideal for transporting paint to the correct location. For application we’ve included paint brushes, two medium pile paint rollers as well as a double arm roller holder and squeegee head. The latter two accessories can be used in conjunction with the extension pole that extends up to 6 feet to help you cover even large, or hard to reach areas with ease.


1 x 6' Extension Pole

1 x 12" Double Arm Roller

2 x 12" Mid Quality Roller Refills

1 x 558mm Squeegee (head only)

2 x 2" Budget Brushes

1 x Mixing Paddle

1 x Nevada Safety Glasses

1 x Roller Scuttle for 12" Roller

1 Pair Safety Gloves with P/U Palm

(The contents may not match exactly the pictorial representation - but will be like for like)

If you want to reuse your epoxy paint accessory pack for multiple projects you’ll want to get some T
oolclean to keep all your accessories in tip top condition.