Deepfill Concrete Repair Epoxy

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The Ideal Solution For Deeply Cracked Concrete Repair

Preparation is the key to a perfect finish, and ensuring all cracks, holes and spalled areas are filled is an essential step. Deepfill is the ideal choice for deeper cracks where traditional concrete repair kits aren’t up to the job and for general concrete hole repair. Prepare the hole by removing all dust, grease and dirt then apply Tackprime before using this 3 part concrete repair epoxy resin to effect the repair. Deepfill acts as a concrete repair patch up to 50mm in thickness for larger areas and 100mm for smaller cracks.

Use as a Protective Screed

As well as repairing cracked concrete floors and walls, Deepfill concrete repair resin can be used as a protective screed on floor areas subject to impact, abrasion and chemical spillage. This makes it ideal for use in locations such as loading bays or bunded areas.

Can Also Be Used as Bedding Mortar

Alternatively, you can use Deepfill as a thick section epoxy bedding mortar for kerb stones, paving or brickwork etc.

Find Out More

Not sure if Deepfill is right for your project, or just want to know more about our range of concrete repair kits? Contact our advice line on 0191 389 7067 and talk to a specialist.

Where to use

As a deep section protective screed for floor areas subject to impact, abrasion and chemical spillage. As an economical, fast curing in-fill screed/mortar prior to the application of the final floor finish. As a thick section Epoxy bedding mortar for kerbs, etc



25KG   |  1.14M2 @ 10mm thickness

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