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Strong Adhesive For Building Materials

Epoxybond is a solvent free, extra strong epoxy resin mortar that will bond a wide range of building materials including concrete, brick, metal, stone and wood.

Thixotropic For Vertical Repairs

The excellent adhesive qualities of this repair kit mean you can use it to repair overhead materials and those on vertical surfaces and be sure they will stay in place. This makes it a great repair tool for cracks in brick archways, covered walkways and on the vertical walls of bunded areas or storage locations.

Suitable For Use In Damp Conditions

Epoxybond will adhere to even damp surfaces, so long as they are clean and free of dust and oil. This makes it perfect for outdoor use, or in humid areas where traditional fixatives will struggle. So long as the surfaces to be bonded are slighted roughened, no primer is required. Make sure the Epoxybond is applied to both surfaces using a trowel or stiff bristled brush. For more inaccessible areas, Epoxybond can be placed into empty cartridges and can be injected into place using a sealant gun.

Find Out More

Not sure if Epoxybond is right for your project, or just want to know more about our range of concrete repair kits? Contact our advice line on 0191 389 7067 and talk to a specialist.

Where to use

RMS Epoxybond is a versatile Epoxy paste adhesive being particularly suitable for all general-purpose bonding operations. RMS Epoxybond may also be used for thin section concrete repairs.


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