Florbinder Penetrating Primer

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Give Life to Old Floors

If your floor has seen better days, it may seem the only solution is to tear it up and start again. Florbinder offers a more economical and practical solution for concrete floor restoration. This water-based epoxy primer can be diluted and poured as a solution onto concrete and cement surfaces. It then penetrates deeply into the floor or wall to bind, reinforce and stabilize the screed.

Use As Primer or Sealer

You can use Florbinder to treat green concrete as a curing compound or as a deep penetrating primer for older surfaces ready for painting and finishing.

Easy to Mix, Simple to Apply

This two part epoxy primer is easy to mix with a mechanical paddle and can then be applied using a brush, roller, squeegee or spray. If your surface is particularly porous a second coat may be required. Ensure you have good ventilation to allow sufficient evaporation of the water element and your primer should have sufficiently cured within 16 hours to allow the surface to be accessed again.

Find Out More

Not sure if Florbinder will be the right product for your project, or just want to know more about our range of concrete repair kits? Contact our advice line on 0191 389 7067 and talk to a specialist.