Garage Floor Paint Epoxy Pack including Concrete Floor Primer and Epoxy Resin Floor Paint

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Concrete Floor Primer & Epoxy Resin Floor Paint
This handy Garage Floor Paint Pack from RM Suppliers promises a high-quality finish. The pack contains Florprime, a concrete floor primer, and Tufflor, an epoxy resin floor paint, so even the busiest domestic garage will be able to withstand years of constant footfall and wear and tear.

Florprime is a universal concrete floor primer designed to seal any porous concrete surface and consists of a two pack, water-dispersible epoxy-based primer coating. Non-flammable and solvent free, this primer can be applied to either dry or damp surfaces.

Finish off your floor with a coating of Tufflor, a solvent-free epoxy coating consisting of a base and curing agent. It has been especially designed for use in areas of high traffic volume, making it ideal for home use. Furthermore, with this epoxy floor paint for garage floors a top coat isn't always required.

If you want to add extra safety features to your floor, swap out Tufflor for Griplite to get an anti-slip finish - Griplite is a two-pack, quick curing, highly resistant epoxy resin. Because it is resistant to petrol, diesel, hydraulic oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and deicing salts it is ideal for use in a home garage.

Includes Full Accessories Pack
We have also included a full accessories pack to help you complete the job successfully. This includes a roller frame with 3 sleeves, a paint scuttle, and a mixing paddle to blend your epoxy floor paint fully.

To make it easy for you, we’ve created pack sizes to suit small single garages up to large triple garage buildings. All you need to do is pick your pack size and your colour.

Find Out More
RM Suppliers are specialists in trade, commercial, and industrial paint solutions. These garage paint packs are suitable for all types of concrete floor, whether it is a well-loved old house or a new build property. Contact one of our specialists for further information.