Griptuf Anti Slip Paint for Vehicular Traffic

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Anti Slip Paint for Interior & Exterior Concrete Floors

Griptuf is a medium level anti slip solution for concrete floors, both outside and in. It has a higher ratio of aggregate to epoxy resin paint with a 6kg pack consisting of 2.5kg paint and 3.5kg Aluminium Oxide. The two are mixed together to provide a one coat solution to improve the anti slip properties of concrete floors as well as metal and wooden decking. Each pack will cover up to 5m2 of floor surface.

Perfect for Vehicular Areas

Use Griptuf anti slip concrete paint in areas where you’ll be using forklift trucks and other warehouse equipment to load and unload pallets and boxes from vans and shelving etc. It can also be used to provide extra grip for cars and light vans in garages and workshops for example. You may also decide to use Griptuf on pedestrian ramps and exterior walkways where you want to provide a higher level of anti slip protection.

Available in 10 Colours

Choose from a range of colours to suit your brand decor, or to highlight areas for different tasks and permissions on a concrete floor. The range includes black, red, yellow, white and blue.

The Right Anti Slip Paint for Your Project

Whatever your project, you can find the right solution with RM Suppliers. Griplite is ideal for pedestrian areas where as Griptuf has been designed for light vehicular traffic and is great for locations where forklift trucks will be loading and unloading products. For heavy traffic areas such as truck entrances, or places where you need the ultimate grip such as concrete ramps and inclines, Maxigrip is the perfect option.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about how our range of anti slip grip paints can help you achieve the perfect finish, contact our advice line and talk to a specialist.

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