Industrial Multi-Surface Cleaner

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Suitable for Concrete, Steel, Wood, Ceramic, Rubber, Plastic, & Vinyl

Versatile Hard Surface Cleaner

When it comes to removing dirt from hard surfaces, this solution from RM Suppliers is powerful as well as being environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, taint free and contains zero VOCs, making it suitable for floors and walls in food preparation areas as well as for general use in factories and other workplaces.

Active agents used in this cleaning solution are able to breakdown the bonds between dirt and surfaces to remove even stubborn grim. It is particularly useful for cleaning anti-slip surfaces where dirt becomes embedded between the flooring aggregates. You can use RM Suppliers Multi-Surface Cleaner with floor scrubbing machines and mopping systems as well as for manual cleaning.

How To Use

To achieve the best results use this cleaner in temperatures above 3 degrees centigrade. Remove as much excess surface dirt as possible.

For General Maintenance and Daily Cleaning:

Dilute 1 part multi-surface cleaner with 10 parts of water and apply using a mop, cloth or spray. Leave to work for 1 minute then rinse or wipe clean.

For Light Cleaning or Hard Floor Cleaning:

Dilute 1 part multi-surface cleaner with 20 parts of water and apply using a mop, spray or floor cleaning machine. Leave to work for a couple of minutes then rinse clean and allow the floor to dry.

For Heavily Soiled Areas

Dilute 1 part multi-surface cleaner with 5 parts of water and apply using a spray to the affected area. Agitate the cleaning solution over the area using a brush, rough cloth or scraper if required and allow to work for up to 20 minutes. Rinse clean or use a suction system to lift both the dirt and soiled water.

For Glass, Mirrors & Finished Paintwork

Dilute 1 part multi-surface cleaner with 50 parts of water. Apply using a cloth or spray and leave to work for 1 minute before rinsing or wiping clean.

Important Information

RM Suppliers Multi-Surface cleaner is supplied in 4.5 litre packs. Do not use the undiluted solution on painted or finished surfaces and ensure it is always safely and securely stored; keep it away from children.