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Joint Doctor


Are you constantly repairing expansion joints on the factory floor?

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Reprotec Joint Doctor is a coloured, two pack, pourable, flexibilised Epoxy sealant. The consistency of the mixed sealant allows direct pouring of the sealant into horizontal joints.

Reprotec Joint Doctor is hard and tough enough to protect arris edges from heavy wheel loading, but possesses sufficient flexibility to accommodate a degree of movement (10% of the joint width).  Reprotec Joint Doctor is particularly suitable for filling saw cut joints in long strip floor construction.

View/print the technical datasheet and safety sheet below:

Technical Datasheet Base - MSDS Information Curing Agent - MSDS Information


Typical Properties

  • Colours: Light Grey
  • Pot Life: 1 hour @ 20°C
  • Specific Gravity: 1.32
  • Shore A hardness: 75
  • Movement accommodation factor: 10%
  • Chemical Resistance: Very good resistance to dilute mineral acids, alkalis, petrol, oils, milk, citric acid, hydraulic fluid, and hot water.

Joint Design

When using Reprotec Joint Doctor, the joints shall be designed to ensure that concrete movement due to shrinkage and temperature fluctuations does not exceed 10% of the joint width.

For joints up to 12mm wide, the depth of sealant should be equal to the width.

For joints over 12mm wide the depth of sealant should not exceed 20mm.

Joints over 25mm wide are permissible with Reprotec Joint Doctor.

e.g. a 12mm x 12mm joint - 14 linear metres long would require 1 x 2L Pack


Reprotec Joint Doctor is supplied in 2L packs

Reprotec Joint Doctor shall be applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.