Kerbfix Epoxy Bedding Mortar

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For Securing Kerb Stones & Other Building Materials

Kerbfix is the ideal product for securing kerb stones in place and the perfect epoxy adhesive resin for bonding other materials such as concrete, brick, metal, stone and wood. If you need to secure it, kerbfix can do the job! However, it is particularly suitable as a bedding mortar for securing kerb stones, brick edging and blocks in place, even in damp conditions.

A 10kg pack of Kerbfix will make approximately 5.7 litres of mortar which is sufficient to cover around 2.85m2 at 2mm thickness.

Use For Patch Repairs

Got a loose block, brick, stone? You can use Kerbfix for more than just kerb repair! It’s also great for patching cracked concrete, securing loose footing plates, even wobbly decking planks can be kept in place with an application of Kerbfix. The thixotropic nature of this 2 pack epoxy adhesive makes it a suitable for repairs to vertical and even overhead surfaces.

Easy Mix, Fast Curing Kerb Repair Mortar

This epoxy bedding mortar is easy to mix using a stiff spatula or slow speed drill with paddle attachment. You can then apply it to the two surfaces to be bonded by using a spatula, trowel or stiff bristle brush. Simply push the two surfaces together until you’ve reached the required bond thickness and remove and excess. Leave to cure for 6-8 and you’re all set!

Find Out More

Want to know more about Kerbix or our range of concrete repair kits? Contact our advice line on 0191 389 7067 and talk to a specialist.