Mattop Clear Epoxy Floor Sealant

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Matt Finish Concrete Floor Sealer

Mattop is an easy to use epoxy floor paint sealer paint that creates a matt, rather than gloss or wet look finish to your floors. The clear epoxy floor coating adds to the aesthetics of the floor, allowing all the colours to show through, which is important if you’re floor is demarcated into different areas for safety reasons. Because it is uv stable it is also ideal for areas in strong sunlight to prevent colours fading. Because it is a matt finish it makes it easier to spot wet patches and spills, important in reducing accidents in the workplace.

Quickly Upgrade Chemical & Abrasion Resistance

If you need to protect a floor from chemicals such as petrol, diesel, hydraulic fluids and dilute acids, Mattop gives you a quick and easy solution. Rather than having to lie a new floor you can use this sealant as a top coat for added protection to existing floors, and because it is dry in as little as 12 hours, access to the workspace can restored with minimal time loses.

Also Suitable for Tiles & Wood Flooring

As well as a floor sealer for concrete, you can use Mattop as a finish on tiles and wood. It is also suitable for both indoor and exterior projects.

When used as a screed sealer, Mattop will provide up to 20m2 coverage. The coverage rate for Mattop as a coating is 25m2 per coat per 5L pack with a minimum of 2 coats required.

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Where to use

As a chemical and abrasion resistant, matt sealer for Resin floors to give a matt finish over newly coated RMS systems or as a matt topcoat for existing coating systems. The coating is light/uv stable and is ideal for areas that are affected by sunlight.



screed sealer : 5L     | 20 -30M2

coating : 5L | 25M2


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