Paverseal Block Brick & Paver Sealer

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Block Paving Sealer

Protect your block paving from environmental forces such as frost, rain, moss and dust by coating it with Paverseal. This clear acrylic resin sealer is provided as a single pack, so there’s no mixing to do. It’s quick drying; tack free in 2-4 hours and hard dry in a day, so you won’t need to restrict access for too long. 

The coverage you can expect from a 5kg Paverseal will depend on the substrate but is typically up to:

  • 25m2 per coat for new concrete
  • 45m2 for the first coat and 60m2 for the second on old concrete
  • 20m2 for block paving

For New & Old Paths & Patios

Use Paverseal on new paths, patios and driveways to prevent moisture and dirt working its way into the stone. A coating of Paverseal will keep areas looking new for longer and it can be applied just 15 minutes after the final brush finish. On older surfaces, make sure all previous paints or curing membranes have been removed, wash and allow to dry completely before application. This will rejuvenate the look of your paving and help protect it from further damage.

Can Be Applied To Concrete

You can also use Paverseal on concrete, whether that is blocks or screed. On newly laid concrete this clear sealer will function as a curing membrane, reducing tendency for cracks to appear as a result of drying shrinkage. For older surfaces, use the sealer to protect from dust and dirt.

Find Out More

Want to know how this block paver, driveway and brick patio sealer can help protect the surfaces in your project? Call one of our specialists on 0191 389 7067.

Where to use

As a curing/sealing treatment to new concrete. As a sealing/dust proofing treatment to old concrete and blocks to provide a sealed and dust-proof surface with resistance to the ingress of oil, petrol and chemical spillages


Coverage is very much dependent on the porosity of the substrate

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