Steelcoat Primer for Full Steelwork Protection

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Epoxy Anti-Corrosive Primer
Steelcoat is specially designed for the protection of steel work. It is a two-pack, water-based, anti-corrosive primer to use under epoxy paint for steel. It has been expertly formulated to provide fast-touch dry times and rapid development of durability and firmness.

1 Litre of Steelcoat will treat between 4 - 6m2 giving an dry film thickness between 100-150 microns.

Promising Optimum Performance
To achieve optimum performance, make sure to apply Steelcoat to well-prepared substrates. However, this high-grade steel primer will also adhere well to minimally prepared surfaces.

Find Out More
Contact our advice line and speak to a specialist today if you would like to know more about Steelcoat Primer from RM Suppliers.

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