Stoneseal Tile & Stone Sealant

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Clear Stone Sealer

Keep your stone, marble and terracotta surfaces looking clean and new with Stoneseal. This aqueous polymer sealant seeps into the porous surface of floors and walls to create a transparent barrier against dust, oil and water. It helps to repel stains, algae, and environmental weathering, making it a fantastic natural stone sealer. A 5L pack of Stoneseal will cover up to 25m2 of surface area.

Chewing Gum Resistant

This clear sealer has excellent release characteristics that makes it much easier to remove chewing gum from paths and pavements. It is also resistant to stains from soft drinks like cola, coffee, motor oil, brake fluid and more. If you need to treat any surface where the general public congregate, Stoneseal is an excellent choice. It’s economical, long lasting and quick drying; treated surfaces can be opened for access in as little as 24 hours.

Suitable for Vertical Surfaces

Stoneseal can be applied by brush, roller or spray on both floors and walls. This makes it great for patios, driveways, beer gardens, smoking areas, cafe forecourts and more.

Find Out More

Our aim is always to find the best solution for your unique project needs, that’s why you can talk directly to a technical adviser on 0191 3897067.

Where to use

RMS Stoneseal is suitable for sealing natural stone, concrete, marble, terracotta; paving stones, granite, clay, slate and unglazed tile, and may be applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces



5L     | 10 - 30M2

25L | 50 - 150m2

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