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Reprotec Stoneseal Before & After
Reprotec Stoneseal



For natural stone, concrete, marble, terracotta, paving stones and more.

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Reprotec Stoneseal. Do not confuse Reprotec Stoneseal with an ordinary stone sealer. This product contains high specification polymers, which not only impregnates porous surfaces and imparts a transparent barrier against oil and water, but it also imparts stain release characteristics to the substrate providing an almost self cleaning substrate. It does not alter the appearance of the substrate or its vapour permeability. It also functions as a water, oil and stain repellent on non-porous surfaces. If you love the way your stone looks when it's new use Reprotec Stoneseal to keep it that way. Reprotec Stoneseal will protect stone from water ingress, pollution, vegetation, algae and staining keeping your surface looking like new for years to come, saving you energy, time and money.

For Stone renovation simply clean the stone by water jet or similar, allow to dry and apply Reprotec Stoneseal - Your stone will be as good as new and stay that way.

View/print the technical datasheet and safety sheet below:

Technical Datasheet MSDS information


Typical Properties

  • Appearance: Pale amber translucent liquid.
  • Coverage: 2 - 6m²/Ltr
  • Drying Times: Touch dry after 1 hour @ 20°C
  • Hard dry after 2 hours @ 20°C
  • PH: 5
  • Flashpoint: >93°C
  • Resistant to staining by cola, coffee, motor oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, etc.


Reprotec Stoneseal is supplied in 5ltr and 25ltr packs.

Apply Reprotec Stoneseal by brush or roller at a rate of 5m²/litre and allow to dry. A second coat may be necessary for particularly absorbent surfaces. This may be applied after the first coat has dried for a minimum of 2 hours. Allow to dry for 24 hours before service.

Reprotec Stoneseal shall be applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.