Supaseal Clear Concrete Wood Tile & Stone Sealer

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Fast Curing Epoxy Sealant

This versatile epoxy concrete floor sealer is a two pack epoxy polyamine that is easy to mix and easy to apply. It is ideal for a range of jobs such as sealing concrete floors, stone paving, wooden decking, natural stone and marble. It will also cure under cool, damp conditions making it suitable for both interior and exterior projects. You can use Supaseal for retail, leisure, showrooms, factories, commercial and industrial buildings. A 5kg pack of Supaseal will cover up to 30m2 of surface area depending on the substrate.

Clear, Glossy & Non-Yellowing

Once applied, Supaseal provides a clear, glossy but tack free surface, even in high humidity conditions. It is also UV stable meaning it is effectively non-yellowing under UV light, whether that’s natural or artificial, great for maintaining the natural colour of your substrate.

Anti-Slip Options

Make walking on decking, paving and walkways safer by adding a texturing agent to your Supaseal. You can use this sealant in domestic gardens, commercial shopping centres, retail and leisure centres as well as industrial situations to protect both surfaces and pedestrians without significantly affecting the appearance of the substrate you are sealing. You can even use it on boats and yachts!

Find Out More

If you want to know more about how our range of primers and sealers can help you achieve the perfect finish, contact our advice line and talk to a specialist.

Where to use

As a clear coating for concrete, natural stonework, tile, and marble etc. and with the addition of the texturing agent produces the slip resistant finish. The texturing agent is a special almost diamond hard white mineral aggregate and is mixed into the resins prior to application.


15/30m² per coat depending on the substrate

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