Tackprime Protective Adhesive Floor Primer

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Epoxy Based Floor Primer
Tackprime is a superb epoxy floor paint primer. Use it alongside Step Doctor and Renderlite to achieve outstanding adhesion to concrete and other surfaces. Add an extra level of protection to your commercial floor coating with this quality floor primer.

A 2kg pack of tackprime is sufficient to cover up to 6.5m2 depending on thickness.

Designed for Use with Step Doctor and Renderlite
Solvent free and low odour, Tackprime boasts excellent chemical resistance and adhesion to concrete and steel, expertly bonding new to old concrete and preparing the substrate.

Tackprime is supplied as a 2-pack system, comprising pre-weighed amounts of base and curing agent components.

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Where to use

As a primer for concrete prior to the application of RMS Floor Doctor or RMS Renderlite. As an adhesive for bonding new to old concrete e.g. resin bonding new floor toppings to old concrete. As a protective treatment to exposed steel re-enforcement during concrete repair.


1KG     | 3.3 -6.7m2


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