Wonderwall Acrylic Elastomer Concrete Wall Paint that Adds Protection

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Enhance the Aesthetic and Protection of Any Structure
A non-toxic and water-based concrete resin wall paint, Wonderwall adds long-term protective and decorative properties to concrete and masonry surfaces as a breathable coating with an elastomeric nature - versatile and able to adapt. This elastomeric nature ensures excellent crack-bridging properties in case of structural movement.

1 Litre of Wonderwall will cover up to 5m2 per coat.

Allows the Structure to Breathe
The microporous structure of the coating acts as a barrier to the ingress of chlorides and carbon dioxide and other acid gases, while allowing the passage of water vapour from the substrate.

Boasting excellent UV and weathering resistance as a quality wall paint, Wonderwall is highly resistant to freeze and thaw cycling and is also easy to clean.

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Where to use

Where new and existing concrete and masonry structures require protection from Water, Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Oxides of Nitrogen, Chlorides, Sulphates and UV radiation. Examples: car parks, commercial and industrial buildings, bridges, subways, high rise flats, roofing.


5L    | 25m2

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