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Q. Can I use Resin paints in a domestic situation?
A. RMS products are mostly solvent free, low odour and inert when cured making them perfect for domestic use as opposed to other epoxy resin paints on the market.

Q. What colours are available?
A. We stock a set amount of colours which are readily available. We can however offer to make your final paint in any colour following the RAL or BS4800 colour chart which are the most popular Central European colour standards used today though these may incur additional costs. View our colour chart here.

Q. What tools do I need to apply these paints and is it easy to do?
A. All of our paints can be easily applied by using a roller. We have accessory packs available to purchase on our site, alongside our paints which will ensure that you have the best quality tools for the job.

Q. When can I paint new concrete?
A. By using our DPM Dampstop Primer, new concrete can be painted over after only 8 days curing depending on the curing conditions.

Q. Can I paint over old paint?
A. Provided you are certain that the paint will never lift from the surface, the quick answer is yes for previously Epoxy painted floors. As a rule you should always get back to the original surface to ensure a good key for the new paint. At the very least look to lightly abrade the surface so any flaking parts are removed.

Q. Is one coat of epoxy paint enough?
A. We strongly recommend that two coats of epoxy paint are applied, ideally a Primer first then 2 coats of the final resin paint. Following this method will ensure that the job is done properly, and will vastly increase the lifespan of the paint, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Q. Will your paint go over floor Tiles?
A. Yes, but if the tiles are glazed the glaze will have to be removed by diamond grinding or other abrasive techniques before applying an Epoxy Primer followed by one or two coats of Epoxy Resin Paint.

Q. How long do I have to leave before applying a second coat?
A. For the majority of our paints, we usually advise to apply your first coat on a morning and then it will be ready for you to apply a second coat the following morning. Following that the paint should be ready for foot traffic 24 hours later and vehicle traffic 48 hours from the final coat.